Agricultural Farm & Plant Lubricant Suppliers


The Vintage Oil Company supplies a full range of agricultural farm and plant lubrication products to Burton-upon-Trent and Derby and the surrounding areas, including:

Universal Tractor Oils
Super Universal Tractor Oil 15W30 and Super Universal Tractor Oil Plus 10W30 are multi-purpose oils suitable for use in all tractor engine, transmission and hydraulic systems.

UTTO Universal Tractor Transmission Oils
Agritran WB back end oil is a multi-purpose transmission oil designed to meet the performance specifications of the major tractor manufacturers. Formulated with anti-squark and anti-chatter additives and recommended for use in all wet brake transmission systems, Agritran CNH is specifically formulated to meet the requirements of Case New Holland MAT3525.

Unipower Oils
A range of monograde oils available in SAE10W, SAE20, SAE30, SAE40 and SAE50 grades. Designed for use in plant engine and transmissions requiring monograde oils.

Unicat Oils
Monograde oils in SAE10W, SAE30 and SAE50 meeting Caterpillar specification T0-4.

Engine Oils
Dedicated range of oils to meet all farm and plant engine needs, including Ultragrade mineral oils, Ultrafleet high performance diesel oil, Ultrasyn semi and fully synthetic oils, and Eurosyn commercial diesel oils.

Classic Oils
A full range for your classic and vintage tractors and farm machinery.

Gear and Transmission Oils
We supply a wide selection of EP gear oils, limited slip gear oil, ATF and MTF fluids.

Hydraulic Oils
Conventional mineral hydraulic oils, HVI hydraulic oils, zinc free hydraulic oils, and fire resistant hydraulic fluids.

Milking Machine and Food Safe Dairy Lubricants
Milking machine and vacuum pump oils, food safe USDA H1 greases and sprays.

Horticultural Products
Chainsaw oil medium for saw bars and chains.
Chainsaw oil heavy for forestry equipment and baler chain.
2 stroke oils and lawnmower oils.

Greases and Pastes
All types of grease including lithium EP grease, semi-fluid auto-lube grease, bearing grease, high temperature grease, water resistant grease, food safe grease, and high speed grease.
Copper slip, red rubber grease.
Open gear compound.

Biodegradable Lubricants
Increasingly specified for council and utility purposes, as well as golf courses and recreational facilities. The range includes hydraulic oil and chainsaw oil.

The Vintage Oil Company can supply in various quantities – from 1 litre, 5 litre and 25 litre cans right up to 205 litre drums.

Full technical backup and advice available. Just ask.

Pennine Lubricants are formulated and blended to the highest quality in Sheffield, the home of British steel manufacturing and heavy engineering.

We can also supply all your bearing and power transmission requirements.